Dwarf Bell of Georgia Peach Tree

theflowermanMay 13, 2012

So I need you all's help. My girlfriend and I have purchased 4 fruit trees. We have a 3 in 1 Apple tree that is doing nicely, a Bing Cherry Tree that is doing good, a Belle of Georgia Peach tree that is alive (scratch test is green/alive) but has no leaves and a Tartarian cherry tree that had died. I asked the nursery about the peach tree and they said that because we had such a mild winter that the tree was all messed up because it didn't have a long enough cold spell. The tree is still alive but has not leaves. Can anyone shed some light on what is wrong? Could that last frost spring have killed this years leaves? Should we dig it up and replant? Please help I have no knowledge of fruit trees. Also Best advice for spraying fruit trees and the nets to use?

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If you're not happy with the tree take it back to the nursery for a refund. However, it just might need a bit more time in the ground. When did you plant it?

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