Yellow persimmon leaves

econ0003(10a CA / 8b CA)May 7, 2013

Fort the past two years the leaves on my four year old persimmon tree have been slow to turn green. The leaves on the bottom of the tree are more green becoming more yellow in the tips. The leaves on the top of the tree are yellow becoming more white at the tips.

Last year the leaves eventually turned green but the top most leaves got scorched on the white parts before they could turn green.

The tree still sets a decent amount of fruit and is growing steadily every year. At this point it seems more aesthetic than anything.

My initial guess would be Magnesium but I am not sure. I was wondering if any experienced growers could help me determine what is going on with my tree.


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I think it needs Ironite. San Diego county has a problem with iron (or the lack of). Lived there 40yrs. Ironite takes a long time to break down so don't expect anything right away.
To help it along add 1/2 cp of ironite to a 5gl. bucket of water. Let it set overnight to desolve, stir and pour around that drip line. Continue to use it per pkg. directions after that. Good luck.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

My persimmon always did the same thing -- started the year looking yellow & sickly. Later on, the leaves greened up on their own.

who grew Hachiya & Fuyu persimmons when she gardened in Long Beach CA

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That looks normal. These trees start out with chartreuse leaves in the spring, and then change to green later in the summer.

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