Home Depot Honeycrisp apple tree

johnthecookMay 13, 2012

I planted a sorry little Honeycrisp apple tree from Home Depot last summer. This year it looks healthy and with lots of leaves. When looking at the graft union the root part looks slightly bulbous and with little bumps on it. Is this a certain root type or should I yank it out. It's a dwarf apple tree.

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That is perfectly normal. The "little bumps" are root initials -- if it were buried in moist soil, they could grow into roots. The "bulbous" shape is normal for some dwarfing rootstock, I have some mature mini-dwarf trees that topped out at about 5-6 feet tall, and they have a pronounced large knot just below the graft union.

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Thankyou for the reassurance. The tree looks healthy.

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