spacing of semi dwarf pear and apple trees

debstuart1(z4NH)May 25, 2009


Can anyone advise me on this? The nursery said 30 feet apart and yet the orchard where I 'pick my own" doesn't have them anywhere near that far apart. It would be better for me if they could be more like 20 feet - in terms of getting best sun spot in my yard. I plan ultimately in having 6 trees...three of each and a seventh which would be a cherry.

all advice welcome!


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Deborah: Your thinking is much clearer than your nursery. For semidwarf 10ft between trees with 15ft rows is doable depending on how much summer pruning you do. Even 15ft by 20ft, which is a lot for any semidwarf apple, is way less than 30ft.

The Fruitnut

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Thanks! That makes SO much more sense. deep to plant? Just to where soil is in pot which is below the graft. Is that correct?

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi debstuart1-

That's correct. You want to plant the tree at least as high as the original soil line otherwise roots can form above the union down into the soil which effectively removes the benefit of having a (semi) dwarfing rootstock. The reason to plant it even higher than the original soil line was talked about by Harvestman (see post below) today: Often the trees will sink a bit in their new hole, especially if it was dug too deep. Also, you'll be adding mulch on top of the soil, which, year after year, becomes a slightly higher and higher soil line. Make sense?


Here is a link that might be useful: Have you expereinced scion rooting

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We just received a lecture from a local orchard regarding this at our local plant swap 2 weekends ago. A semi-dwarf is meant to grow about 10-12 ft tall, maybe more. So, figure your spacing on that.

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