Do strawberries need to be propped up?

mpalermoMay 5, 2012

I have a couple very healthy strawberry plants. Nice dark green leaves and starting to produce many strawberries. My concern is that as the berries continue to grow, will they start drooping to the ground and rotting? Am I supposed to prop them up or use some sort of wire tomato cage or something?

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The berries don't rot because they're on the ground, they rot because they're in contact with fungus in the ground, particularly when it's wet. The usual practice is to mulch around the plants to prevent this.

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Pine straw works wonderfully for this......but straw or even hay if you have access is fine.

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I have mulched around it already. They the berries are actually touching the ground yet, it's just looking like they might as they continue to grow. This is just my first time growing strawberries and I was just wondering if it was normal for them to touch the ground or if they needed to be propped up like tomatoes.

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