Planting Fruit trees

KMWFMay 11, 2013

less then a week ago we planted dwarf fruit trees. Unfortunately I think we planted them too deep as the graft if right at if not a bit below ground level. I am wondering if the tree will be ok if we dig up and replant or will that stress the tree out to much? Thanks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It won't hurt the tree. You might even be able to just lift it a bit with a long spade and push more dirt underneath. I've replanted many times with good results.

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Planting a fruit tree deep is call for disaster. I almost killed 6 Apple trees by planting them deep where the graft was covered by the soil. I wasted the entire season last year was no growth I felt the trees are shrinking. I pulled all of them out in February and replanted them with the graft above the soil and left 1/4 inch where the roots meet the stem above ground too. What a difference the trees are growing normal and fast and some even has flowers. So I say replant now right don't worry about shocking it. It is already shocked.

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Thank You, that's what my gut was telling me, but I needs some reassurance. !

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You might use a fork to lift them instead of a shovel.

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