What to Do About Spidermites on Flowering Blueberries

treehugger101May 10, 2013

Two of my blueberry bushes in pots have spider mites. The bushes are in heavy flower. Every mite killer I found is toxic to bees. What should I do? I appreciate any suggestions.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Oil works pretty well, better than I expected. But don't apply after fruit set. It marks the fruit, makes it dark.

The other thing you might try is a strong spray of water every day. That's what the oldtimers used.

There are very effective new miticides but they are expensive and hard to find the one cleared for fruit. If you could find the ag versions of Avid and Floramite you would get nearly season long control from one spray.

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Thanks. Can you recommend how I would find out what the ag version is of Avid or Floramite?

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Spider mites are nasty business once they have a foothold. I've found that prevention is really the key. Start by making sure that you don't have any bare dirt areas nearby. They love dry, hot and dusty areas. They hate moisture. Cover all bare dirt with mulch, some kind of ground cover or hardscape. Hose the undersides of the leaves with a decent spray of water -- early and often. Don't use pesticides (even organic) as you want to build up the predatory mite populations.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Find the ag version with the same active ingredients, abamectin and bifenazate. I was lucky to find both 10 years ago in CA. But have no clue how to find them now.

Following: Non ag version, ag version, active ingredient

Avid, Agri-Mek, abamectin
Floramite, Acramite, bifenazate

The weed growers are the experts and buy from places like below. There are many new materials out now. Might even be good organic options I'm not familiar with.

Here is a link that might be useful: miticides

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