Strawberry leaf edges turning brown-- help

jaylee33(4)May 28, 2007

Hi all!

I am new at growing strawberries so please bear with me if this is a simple question. :) I bought a healthy Ozark plant (actually 3 plants together) about a month ago and planted them in a hanging basket. It was doing just fine, and even put out a few fruits. Then, suddenly, the edges of the leaves started turning brown. Beginning in the "teeth" edges of the leaves and slowly going around the whole leaf but not really creeping inward too much, and then sometimes turning yellow where the leaf meets the stem, or around the brown area. Then I noticed, some of the young fruits and blossoms just drying up on the vine. But not all. Some of the fruit is thriving.

I have plucked the brown edged leaves off, only to have the ones that were "normal" the day before, begin the same.

I have looked at pictures of diseases and nothing really matches up to the look-- is this a water/fertilizer problem? I water regularly and add a weak solution of Peters now and then. They get plenty of sun and the weather is slightly cool lately, warming in the late afternoon. They are well drained and I have been moving them inside on cold or wet nights.

I would appreciate any help, as I have ordered a bunch of 50 strawberries to make a small patch and do not want to begin my venture with disease lurking.

Thanks! J.

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Look real close for insects, maybe aphids? Don't know... Would not mix your new plants with the older ones.

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I will look. I don't have them outside all the time and haven't noticed any insects. Other than the leaf/blossom drop thing, they LOOK healthy enough. I just don't know if I should scrap them before planting the others, or if it is something I am doing to them causing the problem. I planted them in good quality potting soil, so the soil should not be infested, but maybe they picked up something outside.

Thanks much! J.

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See the nearby thread of May 29 titled "Strawberry Problems". Have you been giving your strawberries plenty of water, like every day or every other day? More strawberries are killed by the kindness of excessive water than by insects. This is particularly true of container grown berries, where drainage is often not ideal.

At this stage of springtime, they should be outside all the time, and in full sun if possible, not shuttled in and out of the house. Reduce your watering to once or at most twice a week depending on rainfall patterns, then see if you don't note some improvement.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Thanks Don, I have a sneaking suspicion it is something I am doing! I wasn't sure about leaving them out as I bought them at a nursery, and our nights have been resting 32-45 the last month or so with a lot of icy cold rain. Only now is it hovering in the 40s at night. It won't be too much of a shock to leave them out in the cold/freeze?

Thanks so much for your advice, I will attempt to search out the other thread. Just learning to get around on here-

Cheers, J. :)

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