Triple Crown Blackberries Died Back to the Ground

val1(z4 UT)May 23, 2013

I planted some Triple Crown Blackberries last year and had beautiful canes but the canes did not survive the winter and the plants died back to the ground. We are sad because that means no berries this year. So what I want to know is whether there is a thornless blackberry that will survive my zone 4 winters? Has anyone heard of Doyles Blackberries?

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alan haigh

The Triples should come back up- you might consider spreading canes on ground next fall and covering over with leaves or even soil in late fall and then bringing back out after serious cold is over.

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I had chester near my foundation, and it didnt die back in 3 years.... I also never trellised them, so they usually got buried by the snow

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I've grown 2 plants of Chester Thornless in zone 3a -- this year will mark the fifth year that I've had them. The canes get about 10 feet long each summer, then I lay them down and cover them with soil, a deep cover of leaves, or straw and burlap (the various things I've tried) for the winter. I lose almost all of the previous season's growth in our 5-6 month long, -35 degree winters, but enough survives that last year I got over 500 berries, and the year before almost as many. The survival this spring seems about the same as the past two years, maybe a bit better.

As for Doyles... I've heard an awful lot of hype. Apart from the hype, I don't know of anyone recommending them. Except maybe the folks who advertise "200 lbs of tomatoes from a single plant!"

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val1(z4 UT)

Thanks for the information. We had an exceptionally cold winter this year. This fall I will try leaving them on the ground and covering them. Last fall I tied them to the fence so we could till the garden and never thought about them freezing. Our roses suffered a large die back as well this year.

I figured that about Doyles because all I found about them was on their web page. So I thought that I would ask here and see if anyone had experience with them.

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Something else to consider--the new canes this year should be thicker than last year. The thicker they are the better they seem to overwinter.

As far as Doyle goes--I grow Doyle as well as triple crown. Our last few winters have been mild so survival has been great for both. I couldn't really say if Doyle is any more cold hardy. I does seem to be more trailing in nature than the triple crown and would probably be better for laying down and covering in the winter. It is more productive than triple crown, but the berries aren't as high quality (in my opinion).

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I'd second the recommendation to try Chester. They are super productive, the berry quality is decent, and they are supposed to be one of the most winter hardy varieties. I've heard of people growing it as far north as Quebec without overwinter protection.

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