deciding on peach, apple and cherry trees

SarahMarshallMay 30, 2012

i live in western Oklahoma zone 6/7 and am wondering about some trees in particular Ranger peach tree, stella cherry tree, and a liberty apple tree? does anyone know anything about these trees or the care of them?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I have a Stella sweet cherry. Only issue may be early frost/freeze after the tree has flowered (they flower early) and rain issues around harvest time (they crack easily). Self pollinating so no need for a cross pollination.

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thank you for that information. i actually read they are difficult to crack so I'm glad you mentioned your personal experience thank you!!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Sarah, Stella is an outdated variety, it was the first self-fertile variety but there have been many improved varieties since then. Its taste is considered mediocre compared to other cherry varieties. I have never grown it myself so this is only based on what I have heard. Lapins is considered the "modern replacement" for Stella, it is pretty old itself by now though. Black Gold is my favorite self-fertile cherry. It has cracked for me but does better than most varieties.

I don't know about Ranger peach tree. I have seen mixed reviews of Liberty and am not growing it but overall I would say its not a bad choice. You will need another variety to pollinate it. Of the disease resistant apples GoldRush seems to be the favorite for taste, then Williams Pride, then Enterprise, then Liberty. You may want to look at these other ones I mention to see if they are to your liking or for a pollinator.


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franktank232(z5 WI)

I agree with Scott. I would choose Lapins over Stella, based on flavor alone. I have both. They both ripen around the same time for me. Both are self fertile.

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Thank you Scott. is there a website where i can hear the reviews and see all of the varieties?

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RedHaven Peach
Goldrush Apple
White Gold, Black Gold Cherry

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