black knot

bmjkMay 19, 2013

Have some serious black knot on my mature santa rosa plums.Tried pruneing the trees this winter after first sign,since leaves and fruit are on trees really turned serious. Seems 1 tree is worse than the other 2 . One tree has none yet.

Im sure it will soon enough.It seemed the more i disturbed the knot ,the worse it got.
I also have 35 apple trees very close in same orchard that I will soon spray for apple rust.Is there a spry on the market I should ck into. thank you, buddy

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alan haigh

Chlorothalinal is the only compound said to help but it is more about thoroughly cutting out galls to clean tissue, right down to the wood as soon as it appears and again and again. You will likely eventually get ahead.

I manage a lot of plums at a lot of sites and it is a big maintenance expense at some of them. If you have infected wild cherries nearby you can cut them down and it may help a great deal.

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danzeb(7a long island)

Can cutting out the galls be done at anytime or is there a specific time to do it?

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alan haigh

I cut them the moment I see them. I often spray the wounds with chlorathalinil although there is no obvious benefit. Remove affected tissue from site. Make sure you cut deeply and well into healthy wood.

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alan haigh

Should have mentioned that you want to do it when things are dry. OK if rains coming but wood should be dry when you cut. I'm not sure if sterilizing tools with a bleach solution between cuts is useful but I don't bother. If I was only managing a few trees I probably would.

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