Two disease questions

sharppa(6)May 11, 2012

Is this fire blight on my asian pear? And if so, do I need to remove the whole branch or can I remove that one black blossom spot? I have about 10 on the tree unfortunately. From plants

And does anyone know what disease this looks like on an apple tree? This tree has four varieties grafted but only one shows this issue. From plants


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Fire blight makes the leaves turn black and looks like a shepphard's hook. Cut several inches below the site with clean pruners. Do not compost the cuttings.

Here is a link that might be useful: My trees and garden

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alan haigh

looks like freeze damage on the apple

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Looks like apple mosaic virus, there is a thread going on that now (dangers of exchanging scions thread). I have some similar stuff going on on one graft. My guess of what is going on is you grafted multiple varieties and one had mosaic and the other was sensitive to it.

The pear is hard to see anything on but some dead wood from last year. I don't see any dead this-years growth so it doesn't look like fireblight. Unless it got blighted last year. Cut em out for good measure.


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Below are some more pictures if they are useful. The Asian Pear damage is new growth this year. Like most of us in the east, all these trees leafed out way too early. We only got a few 30 degree nights after the warm March so I don't think it's frost damage.

The apple variety on the 4:1 tree was fine for several years and just last year had the problem for the entire summer. I may have sprayed once with Bonide and once with copper last year but I don't have records and don't spray much. I had apples last year on this one variety while the rest of the tree is healthy. Maybe it is mosaic virus. From plants From plants From plants From plants From plants From plants

and my awesome dog... From plants

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Hard to tell for sure on that pear, the damage happened awhile back and its out of focus. Just cut them off and declare victory. Thats all I ever do for fire blighted blooms anyway -- most of the time thats the end of it.


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Love your dog!

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Agreed, nice looking pup

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