Condition of mail order pawpaws

c5tigerMay 11, 2012

I just got my pawpaws today and to me they don't look great. I have never ordered plants through the mail, is this normal and to be expected? The Mango looks as if its lost all its leaves except for a small growth right above the graft. Would they have cut the leaves off to reduce stress?

The Susquehanna looks like it got stepped on several times. Both plants were packed very well and sustained no damage in shipping.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Which nursery did they come from?Are those buds running up the Mango?
Pawpaw are fairly resilient.Be careful when transplanting,not to damage the roots. Brady

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These are from Burnt Ridge. Those are not buds they are the stems that held the leaves. Most have turned black but a few still have some green next to the trunk.

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Looks like the typical shipping damage one might see from a rough ride. However, as long as you take good care of them, I am sure they will come back quickly. You probably should hedge your bet by contacting the nursery, with photos, and inquire as to their warranty policy.

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I'm curious what the thoughts are of folks that have paid $8 more to order from One Green World. Is it just $8 for a different "brand name" on the receipt? $8 seems like quite a bit more money to potentially get nothing more/better than what Mark (or I) just got from Burnt Ridge, but if that's the fair price of a healthy tree and OGW consistently delivers healthy trees, then I guess it would be the way to go.

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Maybe for you they do. I ordered from OGW for the first time this year in April and my tree was DOA -- roots bone dry and trunk dessicated. Looking at Gardenwatchdog, I'm not the only one to have a bad experience with them.

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I've never ordered anything from OGW. They're just the only other nursery I know of that had both the trees I wanted to order this last time. Based on your experience, it sounds like they certainly wouldn't have been any improvement

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I ordered three Peterson pawpaws and KSU-Atwood from OGW last fall and they arrived in similar containers to those and about the same size and still fully leafed out. They were in excellent shape and stayed green quite a while longer (longer than my local pawpaws). I didn't get around to planting them until dormant and they are growing fine this spring. I am sorry to hear of someone else receiving a poor product. I would have freely recommended them.

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