strawberries not fruiting - musk and wild

birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)May 7, 2012

Figured out the musk strawberry problem - no male. They're growing really well - survived being ripped out twice because they weren't yielding at all. Why didn't Raintree figure out the male problem and sell male plants twelve years ago? After I buy some males, how do you tell the male from the female plants?

The wild strawberries I assume are F. virginiana - I collected them from a local field, where they do fruit but very sparsely. They've spread very well, they're healthy, they have lots of flowers but like the musk strawberries, the fruits never develop. They're growing under a row of pines with open exposure to the south, so they should have enough sun.

Wild strawberries don't need a male do they? Or have I just taken a poorly yielding strain? Any recommendations on a good strain?

What drives me crazy is that the yellow-flowered Indian strawberries (Pontentilla indica, non-edible) flourish and bear like mad. Happy birds, unhappy gardener.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Male musk strawberry plants looks exactly like the female plants, but the blossoms will have many more pollen-bearing stamens and very little to none of the central "cone" that will develop into a berry.

If you have wild collected Fragaria virginiana, you could indeed have a strain that has separate male and female plants. There is a huge amount of variation in this species group across its range. Even some clones that have perfect (i.e., with both fertile male and female parts) flowers are self-incompatible, meaning there would need to be at least one other clone present to successfully bear fruit.

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