Can I safely spray cayenne soap deterrent on leaves?

otherchuckMay 4, 2012


Although I have only just started planting my orchard of peach, pear, plum, apricot, lemon, avocado, and nectarine trees, I know that I will be having a problem with 4-legged pests. With that in mind, we have fenced the whole area off with three-wire barbed wire, which really only deters cattle. There is deer-proof fencing around each tree. There are solid gopher cages at the base of each tree. I suspect the biggest threat now will be the robust community of California ground squirrels that live in the exact area where my orchard is.

Although I don't have high hopes for those homemade pepper spray concoctions (some of which recommend putting a bit of Murphy's oil soap in the mix) , I think we'll give that a try. My question is, can I spray that on the leaves, or does it hurt the foliage (partic young, sensitive foliage)? Can I spray it on the fruit (assuming, of course, that I will be washing the fruit before eating)? Any particularly effective recipes that someone would like to recommend wold also be much appreciated.



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"I don't have high hopes for those homemade pepper spray concoctions"

The best thing for you to do is go down to Walmart or where ever to buy what is recommended. Where you are headed now is to burn off all the leaves from your trees. When homeowners begin to experiment with homemade applications they are satisfying a part of their psychology more than taking care of a particular pest or fungus.

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