How to kill a wild grape vine, anyone??

crabjoe(z7 MD)May 28, 2007

Folks, I've got a wild grape vine at the back of my property that I can't seem to get rid of.

When I 1st saw it, I thought it was fine where it was being it could pollinate my table grapes, but last year I felt it needed to go. This wild vine was just killing the trees it was climbing.

I hit the vines the best I could with Roundup, then when I saw the leave start to shrivel, I cut the vines at the base. When they came back, I hit it with Weed-B-Gon and all seemed good. Well, it seems good until a few weeks ago. These dang wild grape vines are back!

So, now, what should I do?? Should I just hit them with Roundup or Weed-B-Gon again to keep at them for a few years or is there an easier way?


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Hit them until they die. There is no easier way.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

One recipe I have heard is cut to ground and slather 100% strength 2,4-D or similar on the fresh wound. I am in the process of killing a couple dozen wild grapevines myself this spring and I mainly just keep pruning them back to nothing over and over, plus spraying Roundup on the more persistent ones.


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I would switch from Weed Be Gone to Brush be Gone, and just keep at it until it does not come back. Al

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2,4-D is really deadly to grapes, so if you have cultivated grapes nearby that you do not want to kill, be very careful with regard to drift from the spray. Scott's method will definitely do the job, and should only require doing it once.

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We have one, too. I personally really like the greenery it adds to our property that has no trees. However, the original root of this thing came up directly under/behind our Central AC unit at the back corner of the house. We can't get in there to dig to dig or cut, but I will try the 2,4D and/or the Brush Be Gone. It is pretty close to my ornamental grass garden, so I will have to watch that drift. Thanks for the tips, guys!

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