Question About Strawberries

brandyctodd(9)May 17, 2012

This may have been asked/answered, sorry if I'm repeating. I was wondering if you can stick a strawberry in soil and grow from there or if there's something in that process that inhibits growth. I have some strawberries from the grocery store that have started mushifying so I thought I'd give the plant a strawberry a go. I may try it just as an experiment but I was wondering if anyone knew anything definitive.



(I'm also wondering the same about blackberries/raspberries.)

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It's possible it could work, though the fruits you name don't typically grow from seeds because they are so good at vegetative propagation. Strawberries send out baby plants all over the place, and raspberries and blackberries send up new shoots from root buds like crazy. Starting with seed will be iffy and very, very slow. Instead, buy yourself a pot of everbearing strawberries at a garden center and propagate the babies. It will be much more fun!

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You probably won't get runners and babies from ever bearing strawberries. If you want to play with starting them, get June bearing. Yes, they can be started from seed, because strawberries sometimes come up in my flower beds and I had a large strawberry patch, but I wouldn't hold my breath with a mushy store berry. Won't hurt to try it, however just for a lark.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

No ever-bearing strawberries grow using clump separation. Easier than rooting runners I hear:-) I dont know if its ever-bearing per say or just alpines that are clump perennials but I do know that one of them does not produce runners.

About seed grown strawberries. So far it has been a trying experience. Of the 30 seeds I planted about 1 month ago 10 have come up and died, 2 have stayed alive and 2 more are now just coming up. If I get one full plant Ill be happy. This was my first time so Im sure with practice it gets easier but it was WAAAAY easier to go buy a couple plants for $3...Lol I am excited about getting my alpines from seed though. Fingers crossed. Hey plant your strawberries and see what happens. What have you got to lose? Plant them in a pot.

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Thank you all for responding. I love this place, I ask a question and I always get a helpful response, that's so nice. I did go ahead and plant them, in the plastic container they came in, figured it may make a sort of mini greenhouse. I hope it works but won't hold my breath. Thanx to the responses I know more about what to expect. I do have a strawberry plant that I bought at Lowe's that now has a strawberry with a nice pink color starting but I was curious about the fruit planting issue. I will try to remember to post on here if anything comes of my experiment. Thank you again!

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