The Good with the Bad

marknmtMay 15, 2013

Well, the good news is that my pear and apple are doing well, and I will likely sample a couple of varieties that I've never had before from both. And, grafts on the apple appear to be taking. (These were done using Ace splicing -rubber- tape, some parafilm, and Johnny Wax.) Not only that, my apricot graft from last year is taking off nicely.

Bad news is that my prune plum is probably a goner- damaged and discolored at the base, lots of new growth dying and turning black, and no vigor.

Win some, lose some. In balance the good is winning!

Been thinning the pear and apple. Liberty takes a lot of thinning, and then a lot more! But I'm gaining on it. We'll be spraying for codling moth next week, I think. So far no real disease or insect pressure on anything except the little plum.

Good luck,


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Good news! Two of my three Liberties have very few flowers this year. I was surprised, but they did have alot and I left alot on last year. I guess I just have to thin more so they don't go biennial all the time.

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