Espalier apple tree...what to do??

howboutbakeMay 13, 2014

Hi there,

I'm new so I hope this is the correct forum.

I really wanted an apple tree for the backyard but my only option was an espalier due to space restrictions. The only espalier I could find was one grafted with six varieties...

It is still rather short (about 5ft) and I have enough space to let it grow larger. If I want more vertical growth, will I have to source and find material to graft on?

Also, is there a way to determine if the main trunk is rootstock, or a named variety?

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I really like the way they've tagged the varieties.

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Yeah, that part was useful :)

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I bought the same type of Espalier and couldn't find out through the nursery I bought it from what the root stock was. I have two and just used the growth off of the top limb closest to the middle. It worked just fine and the second year I have apples growing on my new fourth row limbs.

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ahhh gotcha! That is just what I am going to do :) Thanks a million!

How is your tree performing? Have you lost any of the grafts? I keep hearing that these multi-varieties are not the best choice.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

As for height, can grow them up on a angle until desired height.

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That's true! Again, I never thought of doing a more fan-like formation. The branches are certainly flexible enough!

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I think maybe they make the levels to close for shipping and a smaller tree. I removed my bottom ones because they were too close to the ground and the second level limbs. One day I noticed something was eating the bottom apples because they were squirrel height off the ground. I have read that on regular trees multi grafts can be a little learning curve because different varieties grow at different speeds and one side of the tree can get more out of control. the espalier is perfect for different varieties.

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Haha I was looking at it today, and my most favourite varieties are the two on the bottom, and my two least favourites are on the top!

I think I will just get it in the ground and see how it goes

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If you haven't already done it, you will need some sturdy posts and wire to keep your Espalier growing correctly. I was lucky the bottom ones were Spartan and Mcintosh which I already have as dwarf trees. One of the reasons I grew up more is because my top one is Gravenstein an early and very good apple.

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Yeah I am going to grow it against a 10 ft fence and do a wire trellis (which is why I want to grow up) ...I also have a few grape vines that will benefit from it as well :)

The varieties I have are jonagold, Lodi, red delicious, golden delicious, Granny Smith, and Winesap.

I will post a picture when I get her all sorted. I am so excited! The tree was only 40 bucks too

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