Codling Moth and Apple Maggots

randynupe4May 21, 2009

I have had Codling Moth trips with lures and Apple Maggot Trip out for about 2 weeks. I have no Codling Moth in my traps and from what I can tell no Apple Maggots on the sticky Apple traps. I am located in the central Virginia. Does anyone know when I will start seeing these pest? I have 2 apple a 2 pear trees.

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I don't know when your codling moth will begin to show up, but with temperatures finally rising in this unusually cool month of May, it can't be long.

How old are your apple trees? Do they have a heavy fruit set this spring? Are you spraying your trees at all? The most common early problem on apples in Virginia is the plum curculio, which seems to die out around the end of May, but can do plenty of damage before that. Then along comes codling moth, and a little later the apple maggot fly should arrive if it is present in your area. If I did not do several early sprays and subsequently bag most of my apples in ziploc sandwich bags, I am sure I would see some codling moth damage, but maggot has never been a problem for me even on unbagged apples.

I install hundreds of ziplocs on my apples every year just after thinning to one apple per cluster, and stop spraying after that since the apples are protected. With only two trees, it would be easy for you to bag your apples and produce some really high-quality perfect fruit with no spraying after bag installation. You would spend a lot less money on a couple packs of sandwich bags than on those traps, which I have not found to be of much use.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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I have 4 year old semi-dwarf Stark bros trees a combo red/golden delicious and a Winesap. This is my first year spraying after I got Fire Blight last year. I did a Dormant and delayed Dormant spray with all season horticultural oil. Two FB spray with Ferti-lome Agrimvcin FB Spray from bloom to petal fall. First and second cover with Bonide fruit tree spray. I want to wait until I started seeing codling moth and apple maggot in the traps before I sprayed again. I am a newbie and love all the help that the forum provides Thanks to all!!!!
Randy in Central VA..

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