How do you know when wolfberries are ready?

Moosetrackz(9)May 9, 2012

Hello. I purchased a wolfberry bush about 4 months ago and I just noticed it has a few tiny fruits on it. How do I know when these are ripe? They're pretty red already, does that mean they're ripe?

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Basically, yes, when fully red. You may find that you prefer the flavor after they sit longer on the plant, a few extra days, to lose as much of the bitterness as possible. Personally, not a big fan of the plant or fruit, what little it bears here, but since I bought it, I'll keep it, just so I can say I have it in my collection.

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Thanks. I did not go out to buy a wolf berry plant. I asked if they had a gooseberry bush and this is what they gave me. I didn't think it looked right but it was on sale so I took it home and found out what it was. Now Im just keeping it because its sort of unusual and I guess it suppose to be good for you. The leaves taste ok too.

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As Denninmi said, pick when fully red. They will separate easily from the stem when ripe. I don't like them straight off the plant. I slow dry them in the oven (@200f) until they are raisins and eat them for snacks.

This last Summer the yellow jackets discovered them and I found that some had holes "drilled" into them. Maybe I'll put some mosquito netting up this year. As healthy as they are I figure they are worth the bother.

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I wish I had not planted mine--beware invasiveness! Mine diddled along for 5 years and then took off--everywhere & strangling other plants. Off subject, but be warned!

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