New Ploidy Reference from UK - Apples & Pears

megamav(5a - NY)May 8, 2012

This was just released this spring if im reading this right.

New triploids have been identified.

Also included is a list of similar and identical genetics.

Fingerprinting the National Apple & Pear Collections

One of my varieties was plopped on the triploid list, Orleans Reinette. I hope Kidd's Orange Red, Jonamac and a Crab apple will be enough to pollinate it.

None of those are related to each other.

Silver lining for me: the Orleans Reinette is the latest blooming variety I have, so its pollen wont be relied upon for fertility of other later trees.

Odd thing was, in my readings of the variety I saw it was "Partially self-fertile", which to me would completely contradict the Triploid characteristic. But... genetics is genetics. Better get my Q-Tip ready if things dont work out.



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