Why do my peaches trees drop green leaves?

mamuang_gwMay 22, 2012

Hi There,

For the past few days, my PF-1 and PF 24 c peach trees have dropped leaves. At first, the leaves turned yellow and dropped. Today, several dropped leaves were mostly green.

We have a lot of rain. This is the 3rd consecutive weeks of raining from Mon-Thurs. (don't know why Mother Nature has taken weekend off.) This week, it started raining on Mon and may not end until Sat.

Do peach trees drop leaves because of excessive moisture? Will the trees recover? My other fruit trees don't have this problem.

Also, some leaves did have some small brown spots on them. Is it some kind of fungus? If so, what would you recommend, please? Thank you for your help.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd say you have the likely cause identified, wet feet. If there is anything you can do to aid drainage, consider doing that. Otherwise hope for dry weather. If this issue continues think about planting on raised beds next time and get a rootstock that is more tolerant. Lovell and Nemaguard are very sensitive to wet soil. Citation and a few others will take wetter conditions.

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Thank you very much, Fruitnut.

Unfortunately, not only I can't do anything to aid the drainage (I planted them on my lawn which is level), I just mulched the darn things this past weekend.

I'll remove the mulch tomorrow and start praying.

Thank you for your advice on rootstocks. I have not paid much attention to them before. I will do now.

I just plan to plant a new peach tree (TangOs) on a mound next year following Olpea's system. It looks like I may need to plant a few more new peach trees if it does not stop raining anytime soon.

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