Summer-bearing raspberries worth it? Other raspberry suggestions

reyesuela(z7a)May 4, 2012

I've got room for 12 raspberries total. They'll all have 2' root barriers to keep them from beating up each other and the rest of the garden.

My goals are 1) fabulous taste, 2) long season (I'd love to have fruiting from June all the way through frost, if possible!), and 3) productivity.

I believe that the raspberries and blackberries in the grocery stores are virtually inedible--lightly flavored water, would be my description. I've had lots of wild blackberries and dewberries, and they taste NOTHING like the grocery store. I'd like raspberry varieties that are similarly distant from the clamshells at the supermarket.

The recommended varieties for my area are as follows:

Red summer bearing





*I know nothing of these. Are these worth it, or are the first flush of fruit from Caroline better?

Red (primocane-bearing, everbearing)


Autumn Bliss


*I'm planning on planting at least 3 Caroline and nixing the Heritage and Autumn Bliss.






*Again, I know little, except that they fruit before the red primocanes. And what about the newer varieties, like Mac Black?




*No clue...



*Planting one Kiwi Gold and one Anne instead

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Just a couple comments:
I'm currently growing 18 brambles on my property. See my "My Page" for info on the varieties.
Right, no need to plant Heritage when you're already planting Caroline... which in my mind is an improved Heritage.
Stay away from "FallGold". It consistently gets the worst reviews of all the yellows. Anne (my favorite) and Kiwi Gold are very much worth growing though. KG has a big of a unique, yet very good taste.
If you're looking for a summer raspberry, than you must have Prelude. It's probably my 2nd favorite raspberry of them all. It's one of the few varieties that I actually have two beds of... and for good reason.
My purple Royatlies are OK, but nothing great. I keep them around mostly for the novelty of them... and they're not *that* purple... more just deep red.
If I were you, I'd plant some wineberries as one of your varieties. They fill in the gap between summer and fall raspberries nicely and taste great.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Before you plant wineberries, keep in mind that they have nasty thorns, are very vigorous and spread like crazy. Without planting any, they come up everywhere in my yard. I have a soft spot for them, so I'm not as vigilant about containing them as I should be.

They aren't ripe for an overly long period (~1.5 weeks, starting around July 4th) and I have to fight the birds to get them. When picking them, your fingers get covered with a sticky oil from the vine.

I'm not saying don't plant them- I do like them. Just consider carefully where you put them.

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I grow: Heritage, Latham, Kiwi-Gold, Jewel, Anne and Caroline. I treat all my canes like summer bearing, makes life easier because of my small space and the desire for the largest harvest. This time of the year the patch is very thick, with new growth from below and fruiting laterals.

If I had to pick two, I would grow Caroline and Anne.

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Looking at your page, Glenn. Thanks!

I have plans for Caroline and Anne are on my "definite" list! I'll add Prelude, too. Royalty is nixed. Any others on the list to add or drop?

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List right now:

Kiwi Gold

Other possibilities:
Mac Black

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Bob-
I haven't found my wineberries to be any more agressive than my other brambles... but my patch is still pretty small. And, any that stray outside their area just get whacked with the lawn mower. Yeah, their thorns are pretty bad, but still very worth it IMHO.

Hi Reyesuela-
I really like your list right now... Though personally, I wouldn't do 3 Carolines. I do like Caroline a lot, but if you're trying to spread out your harvest, I would only go with 2 or even 1 beds of those, and plant another summer variety or two. Or, if you don't have any blackberries in your yard, I'd add those instead. I am amazed by Triple Crown and Doyle. They're nice, because they stay contained at their crown and don't spread like raspberries do. Also, the yield per area of blackberries is a lot higher I believe. Good luck,

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

That's interesting- maybe the conditions in my yard favor Wineberries. I haven't seen much (if any) spreading for Autumn Britian, Jewel, or Anne (actually some died out), which are the oldest. I just added Caroline, Prelude, Royalty, and Autumn Bliss last spring, so I'm not sure how much they will spread.

It's also possible that Wineberries ripen earlier in the summer, at a time of higher bird pressure. A lot of the places they popped up were probably due to droppings.

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We get a good crop of summer berries off the fall bearing plants.

We have caroline, nova, polana, and heritage

i'm not the pickiest when it comes to taste/flavor nuances but i have a neighbor who is...and we are quite satisfied with all of the above.

if it makes a difference i see the greatest vigor on heritage and caroline.

if there were one i could plant that i don't have...ever hear of dinkum?

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Haven't heard of it!

Here's my (probably) final list, though. I THINK I have these in the order of ripening, more or less.

3 Caroline
Kiwi Gold

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where can I get a few wineberry plants ?


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glenn_russell(6b RI)

See link below....

Here is a link that might be useful: Wineberries at Edible Landscaping

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Be aware that black rasps are quite different from reds. I would not mix them in w/the reds. I enjoy both summer and everbearers and have Caroline, Polana, and Himbo Top, Prelude, Nova, Encore, Lauren,and Octavia. For me, Preludes are the earliest and best flavored, but I think I actually prefer Nova overall for its habit, reliability, and productivity. Encore and Lauren are fine berres too. The Octavias are too young to evaluate. Last year, the Himbos were outstanding, much better than my Carolines; but this year so far they lack the vigor they had in the past. I have failed multiple times at establishing both Anne and Kiwi. I suspect they are more demanding of soil quality than other raspberries.

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I haven't had a "real" raspberry, having grown up where they can't be grown. I've had both supermarket and real blackberries, and if the difference with raspberries is anything similar, I'll love it. :-) I don't mind if the other colors taste different--so long as they're yummy!

I'm separating the roots of each type w/ a root barrier.

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I visited the UW Madison Research Station Gardens this morning, and tasted several varieties of summer-bearing raspberries. I currently only have fall-bearing (planted last spring), Heritage, Autumn Britten, and Anne. Mine haven't borne much fruit yet, but I am thinking of adding some summer-bearing raspberries to extend the season.

Anyway, I was surprised that Glenn rates Prelude so highly. Perhaps it's just our different climate (though last winter was mild, and this spring has been hot and dry), but though Prelude was super sweet, it had no raspberry "tang" at all. Nova, Taylor, and Encore were much better, even past its prime almost-dry Boyne was more like a raspberry than the Prelude. Glenn, are Prelude also less acid for you?

Latham wasn't ripe yet, and none of the fall-bearing were even close either, so I can't compare their flavors.

I'd love your opinions, since I'd like to put in summer-bearing raspberries this fall, if I can get my hands on some plants!

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myk1(5 IL)

I wouldn't call Caroline a fabulous taste. It's a pretty generic tart "berry" taste. It's more like a wild black raspberry although there is some raspberry flavor buried in there. It is a long season and has good sized berries.
This year I've got flowers pollinated for the late picking before the first picking is done. Last year I had a slight layoff between picking the first run and the "to frost" run.

Heritage is a better slightly tart raspberry taste but for me it doesn't spread or bear as much and the berries are smaller.

I'm going to go ahead and make some wine with the Caroline Heritage mix and hope the Heritage flavor comes through enough to make the wine obviously raspberry but I'm betting it ends being a generic tart berry wine once the yeast eats all the natural sugar.
I'll be putting in another patch this fall (Jaclyn and Himbo) and the Caroline/Heritage patch will probably end up for fresh eating and pie.

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Yellows require a slightly higher potash than the reds. I noticed when I upped the fertilization of that. The Anne's about exploded in growth compared to previous years once i used the correct fertilizer.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I like Prelude and Bristol.

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I grow, Red, Caroline, Kiwi Gold, Jewel (and a freebie from Raintree this year a 'new variety' I believe its name is Ukee. My bristol up and died. Too much shade. The taste of 'Red' is a true raspberry taste and the berries are huge. I get two crops a summer. I agree with Glenn about the taste of Kiwi Gold. It tastes like a raspberry with honey! I also just planted four Ouachita Blackberries this summer, so no report on those.

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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

Wineberries can take a lot of shade - here they're on the wooded edge of the yard under the tree canopy and get an hour of direct sun in the early morning if that - and they're fruiting heavily. They planted themselves, they tend themselves. Probably because of the shade they bear a bit later than the blueberries and black raspberries which is all the other berries we have - and we pick them if we feel like picking them and don't fret over our laziness or waste if we don't.

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It maybe regional, but at our place the autumn bliss almost never make it into the house....sometimes it's a race to see who will get the ripest ones first. In part it's because they are not a heavy bearer, but the berries are large and flavor excellent.

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I'll have to get some reports to you guys once all my raspberries/blackberries start to produce. Kids ate all the black satins a few years back so I got a little huffy and planted 28 blackberry plants with 5 different varieties. also have 3 different varieties of raspberries as well. Chickasaws take off like a rocket. Prime ark not that impressed with so far. Chester and TC are doing well.

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Of my True Summer bearers:

Latham was very good, firm berries, held well under refrigeration, vigorous vines and loaded

Kiwi Gold has the most unusual flavor, almost apricot/raspberry that explodes in your mouth, contained the most water per berry of equal size, yet received the same amount of water.

Indian Summer has a wonderful wild raspberry flavor, on the small side and very perishable, I can see why these aren't commercially available, but wow the flavor.

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I made the mistake of planting wineberries close to raspberries. They strongly outcompete raspberries, and I was forever pruning removing wineberry runners from the raspberry area. Finally I gave up and moved the wineberires to a distant (shadier) area of the yard where I can run the lawnmower around them.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Thanks for the info in this thread. I would like to grow more raspberry cultivars, and found the info useful. Although I must disagree with some users about Fallgold. I have grown it a few years and it is by far my favorite variety. It tastes so different than any other raspberry. Amazing jam from it. Everybody whom has tried it loved them. I have not tried many cultivars, so I may change my mind, but if this is bad, I can't wait to try Anne and KiwiGold (I ordered both for this spring). Hard for me to believe they could possibly taste better than Fall Gold. Kiwi Gold sounds like it tastes like Fall Gold. Apricot flavor does describe the flavor. More apricot than raspberry flavor if you ask me, but does have a blend of both.
What yellow cultivars are commercially sold? I tasted one, it was not marked as to what it was, and it was terrible. I ate 3 or 4 and threw them out. I guess it's possible the soil and conditions make a world of difference. Again thanks all.
Has anybody tried Cascade Gold? A Summer bearing yellow! I would love to know any opinons...

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bob, you can get wineberries from me. they're delicious.

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