Watering in clay soil??

silent88May 22, 2012


I was wondering if anybody knew how much I should water te following trees/vines....




They are all in a mix of clay/compost. And the soil outside is solid clay. I know this means poor drainage so I am not sure how much to water. I am not sure of the dig 2 inches applies to this because the drainage is so slow... The bottom may be wet. Also I'm not sure how you dig in around the plants because wont it disturb the roots?


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All clay based soils do not have a drainage problem. If I am in doubt about drainage, I do a simple percolation test. Dig a hole somewhere close by about 18 inches deep. Fill it with water and let it drain completely, then refill again and this time keep track of how long it takes to drain completely. If it does it in 5 hours or less, your drainage is OK. I do not mix compost with my clay, I do mulch regularly out to the drip line. Al

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Thanks! Is that considering evaporation too or is that negligible anyways?

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In this case, evaporation is negligible.

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Ok I'll try that :) but I won't be able to do it by the tree with compost clay mix. I'll do it in the solid clay.

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