blueberry growth

QuestioningSerenity(9a)May 11, 2013

Alright ya'll, i'm back again. And hopefully I have an easy question for you all.

I took ya'lls advice about the acid fertilizer and am using that on my blueberries now. But here's my problem. The berries it has so far seem to be staying the same size. And it's grown a ton of new stems w/no berries on them. Should I cut the new stems off so it'll possibly focus more on the berries it has? Or is this how it's suppose to work? My first year with all my plants. My strawberries are doing great but the blueberries are kinda just sitting there.

That and as soon as I see any ripening berries i'm bringing those sucker indoors xD.

Btw- Blueberries have had these berries since I bought them in late march.

Again, thank you all for those who read and those who answer. I've gotten such amazing help from you all, I feel really hopefully i'll succeed in keeping 'almost' everything alive xD

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Seems normal. It will ripen the berries when it does:) The new growth won't have berries this year but will next year. The more new growth you get this year the more berries next year so don't cut them. Really just focus on growth not the berries.

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Thank you Bamboo for such a quick answer!

I won't worry as much now :) It's fun watching everything growing this summer. Thankfully I've lil 'hunters' to help guard the lower blueberry branches from the birds.(No, i wouldn't actually let my cat's catch a bird, but they sure do think they can xD)

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Let them catch them:) is fine with me. If that new growth is robust and gets tall you can snip the tip to make it branch out.......= more growth so more berries next year.

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Haha it would be interesting for sure. Though i'm not sure my deaf one would know what to do with a bird xD. Oddly enough, the branches are all growing sideways for the most part. I think the 3 day storm we had did NOT help 0.o/ i was actually convinced for 3 days it had lost some branches that had mysteriously disappeared. Nope, they were just bent sideways!

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

For several weeks I have been waiting for purple colored blueberries. I had my cage setup and net ready to cover the plants when the blueberries started to ripe. And for several weeks I waited. All the time, birds were picking off the slightest ripened blueberries. I didn't know.

Until..., I had seen a pretty slightly purple blueberry, and reminded myself to pick it next day when it has ripened little bit more. That evening, when I went back to see the ripened blueberry, it was gone. No trace at all.

Immediately, I called my son out and placed the netting around the pvc cage I had placed around my blueberries.

How I had been robbed of so many blueberries...

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If you have sidewalks in your neighborhood, you might begin to see purple stained bird poop here & there, on the concrete surface. That is a sure sign that the local birds are visiting your blueberry patch. Birds know exactly what they are doing-they wait for the fruit to get ripe, before they take it.

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