Best fertilizer for apple trees, fruit is set.

brickie911May 22, 2009

Hi, both my apple trees surprised me and set a good amount of apples..Iv'e got a 6in 1, and a granny smith.

Wondering now that fruit is set, and i've bagged it with ziploc bags, what would be the best fertilizer if any at all to use to make sure apples get nice and large and tasty as well?

Thanks brickie

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myk1(5 IL)

Don't be so sure your fruit is set. I'm experimenting on thinning to avoid the June Drop but I don't have the feeling that we're there yet, the tree I haven't thinned hasn't dropped.

I'm not a fan of fertilizer for trees.
With as wet as this year is my leaves are showing they could use a foliar feeding of iron.
But other than special problems like that we tend to either have a lot of very rich clay or rich clay under great topsoil.

The only place I've been in IL that has been an exception to that was when I lived in a river valley and the sand was very deep. But even that sand was pretty fertile, in fact the melons from south of there are well known.

The glaciers were good to us, that's why it's a farm state. Even if your in a development stripped of topsoil clay is better than people think and ours is better yet.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I was in IL once and remember the farm ground. It was some beautiful ground and the corn was fabulous. Nice neat farms and great corn fields. It burned in my memory. However, not all clay is as fertile as IL. I've seen clay totally unproductive. Water-logged at a decent rain, and dried and cracked at the least drought. Not all clay is the same. IL and IA have some of the best soil in the nation that are the envy of other states.

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