Strawberry Picking

Eppy888May 23, 2012

This is my first year planting strawberries and I want to know when the best time to harvest is. I have a few strawberries turning red, and one is completely red now. My mom says if I leave it on the vine it will become sweeter and sweeter. Is this true? Also, if I should leave it on the vine, how long is too long?

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Go by the color. Turn the berries over to check the other side, which is usually not as red. Wait until they're completely red, then wait another day until the red loses all the orange tone and becomes a dark crimson.

A ripe strawberry is red through the inside, no longer white. Cut them open to check, and eventually you'll easily tell when they're at their prime. Definitely don't leave them past that, or they'll get soft and mushy.

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pick them early in the morning, and refrigerate after washing the drying.

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I tried my first strawberry, and it was definitley ripe and delicious.

Thanks, for the help =D

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