Non fruit bearing cherry bearing fruit

IronicTwist(6)May 19, 2013

When my older son was born 16 years ago my parents gave us a nonfruit bearing ornamental cherry tree to commemorate the happy occasion. We've enjoyed the tree all these years and refer to it as our "family tree." The pink flowers are delightful in the Spring.

Today I was walking down the driveway and noticed what appear to be tiny cherries growing from the branches. This has never happened before. How can it be happening now? I'm pretty ignorant in the garden, but after 16 years, I really didn't expect the tree to bear fruit.

I'd love to understand how this could have happened and would appreciate any information. I'm guessing that the fruit won't be edible if it makes it to maturity.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

They are bred to not fruit with with varying degrees of success, it is not common to occasionally get some kind of fruit. My 30-year old purple leaf plum gives a few fruits every year and my 30-year old weeping cherry fruits every few years. The cherries are very bitter on my tree.


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Actually, most cherry trees, that are produced for flowers vice fruit, also produce very small cherries. The cardinal birds love them. Sometimes the fruits are extremely small and not obvious to the casual observer. If you want to grow cherries on your flowering cherry tree, you can graft a fruiting cherry limb on the tree and have both flowers and cherries.

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Ornamental plum trees here in Portland occasionally produce a few golf-ball-sized fruits, some quite sweet.

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