Blueberry stem discolorations

sharppa(6)May 10, 2014

I few of my blueberries have stems with some discoloration on them like in this picture. Is this a fungus or virus or blight? Any treatment suggestions?

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Some of our northern highbush blueberries have odd looking stems this spring. It was a tough winter, and there was some die-back at the tips. I am guessing that the stems are suffering from the combined effect of too cold for too long, and possibly dryness. Wisconsin is full of evergreen trees and shrubs that have brown patches this spring. We think that most of them will recover, eventually, but right now, they don't look so good.

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The leaves look good, I wouldn't worry about it. Some of wood on your plant looks a bit old though, you may want to think about slowly taking some of the older canes out to promote new growth.

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Thanks. I was worried it was blueberry stem canker like in the picture on the page linked below. This particular plant is not doing well and has maybe 70% dead branches this spring and I've left the pH get too high in this bed. (6.1 last fall, 5 other plants in same soil). And I've neglected the pruning with some of these plants and they had very little growth last year. Soil test said there was enough nutrients but just too high a pH and too much calcium.

Here is a link that might be useful: canker picture

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