peach tree problem?

alan8(8)May 12, 2009

I have several Reliance Peach trees. Earlier they had lots of tiny peaches forming on the branches. Now most of the tiny peaches have gone away? I've been spraying them every 10 days with a general bug killer. Why are these trees dropping the fruit. The fruit is only about the size of a nickle when they disappear. There are still some on the tree and some are getting much bigger but the yeild looks light. I'm in south Alabama. I'm hoping someone can help so if I can prevent this in the future, I will.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Peachtrees need fertlizer twice a year in south its very important not to fertlize while flowering are fruiting. Fertlize before blooming starts and again after last peach comes off tree. This give your tree good size wood on whips that make hold more fruit. Whip wood size shouldbe 7/16th to 1/2 in Dia. 2 inch up from point contact on limb this wood size come in south in third year second year want be much this size whip wood. All smaller wood shouldbe cut away. Pruning can be done any day year on whip wood best to prun limbs over 1 inch in dia. in january in third year you should have tree structure finalized in south reason say this It takes about 15 growing months to structure peachtree. You need fertilizer plan we chat about balance fertilize like 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 serval business around you should have one other 40 to 50 lbs bags. A pint jar of granulated fertilize weighs one pound full to top quick way weigh product. Peachtree trunk dia. 2 inch calls for 2 pounds or 2 pints each inch dia calls for one lb.or one pint 3 inch takes 3 pints and so on at each fertilizing time if have 3 inch dia. do fertlizer twice that be 6 pounds that year always put your heels to trunk tree when fertilizing so want add to close to tree.

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thanks for the reply. i did fertalize during bloom/fruit set. do you think this caused the baby fruit to drop? would that be possible/likely/absolute?

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How old are the trees and what kind of bug killer are you spraying with?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Fertilizing during bloom will not cause your fruit to drop. A freeze often gets the fruit but your problem sounds like insect damage, possibly plum curculio or oriental fruit moth. I'm not the one to help you with those insects as I don't have them. But there is plenty of info available here or from your extension service.

The Fruitnut

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How old is the tree? I have had a peach tree for 3 years. In the first year it aborted all it's fruit. In the second year is did this for some of the fruit. Also what did the fruit look like? If there were tiny holes filled with clearish goo then you have oriental fruit moths. Lastly you might be spraying your trees too much. Try every 3 weeks. Here is a hint as well: if you are not already using a hose sprayer and are using a hand held spray bottle, to save your hand use a cheap pump action squirt gun. Stand about 10 feet from the tree and let her rip! A 10 minute chore turns into 1 minute of fun. Just make sure you make the gun clearly with Mr Yuck stickers.

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some trees are 2 years old, some are 3, some are 4. all trees aborted 90% of fruit. the little peaches just fall off. no sign of insects at all. no holes, no goo or liquid. i had one tree holding it's fruit but after rain this morning, most fruit fell off.

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