Can I prune my persimmons?

mrsmortarmixerMay 29, 2014

Due to our location, we've been letting the persimmon trees grow wild in our yard. I'm pretty sure they are D. virginiana. This winter, the local power company came through and whacked off a few large limbs off of our oldest tree. I was a little sad, but I knew it was coming. There are a few more that are growing near enough to the lines that eventually they will get hacked off too. I was curious as to whether I could prune these trees to keep them shorter or will that cause a short tree that will never produce? Or would I be better off digging them up and attempting to transplant them elsewhere or just cut them down? They are still a few years away from producing, so I figured this year is the time to do something. I'm not attached to them, so I certainly don't care either way. I'd just rather prevent ugly half trees in the future.

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alan haigh

You can keep them below the power lines and make a spreading tree. Topping the trunk doesn't delay fruiting, topping (stubbing) the scaffold branches can. My limited experience with the natives is they don't require too much space to begin fruiting but I've only grown grafted, known varieties.

The trees might not be worth their space if you don't learn how to graft, though.

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Good to know that topping doesn't delay fruiting. Although it's not a huge concern if it does, there are plenty of others that were already here when we bought this property that produce well, and maybe 3 or 4 that have started bearing small amounts fruit in the last two years.

I get more than enough persimmons to supply customers with pulp and still have enough left over for personal use every year. We are mostly using them for shade now, so the fruit is just a bonus. I'm not sure it's worth getting into grafting. These are about a low maintenance as anything growing on our property right now.

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