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sara7worthington(5)May 8, 2013

I ordered a dwarf pomegranate and a fig from them two years ago. the pom is two foot tall and looks like a small tree. it had two bright pink flowers last year. the fig is about three and a half feet tall and has never produced fruit. they are kept inside the house by sunny windows during the winter and put outside spring until fall. the question is do you know what kinds they are I wanted to buy some different varieties but I was hoping to find out what I already have.

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Not sure about the fig, but the pomegranate is almost surely the variety "Nana" which many of those mail order catalogs sell. You can even find them for sale at the florist or the local grocery store sometimes. It is a Japanese dwarf pomegranate, and purely ornamental. Although I've seen claims of good quality fruit, it rarely sets any, and the few I've tasted were tiny (smaller than a golf ball) and not very sweet.

Hope this helps...

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