Blueberry Newbie Question!

dolivoMay 14, 2012

I ordered and recently received a trio of blueberry bushes from an online nursery. The bushes arrived as about 3 bare branches approx 24 inches high give or take.

I dug up a nice spot for them and added a lot of peat moss as suggested by the instructions for planting, planted them and watered them well.

This was two days ago. I was just wondering about how long it takes for the bushes to start showing signs of life; leaves, ect? Thanks!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Generally anywhere from 1-4 weeks. This late in spring it shouldn't be too long. But it depends on just how dormant the plants are and how warm it is now in your area.

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If they don't have leaves by now my guess is they were in refrigeration so be patient with them. You can lightly scrape the bark of the bushes with your fingernail to see if the bushes are still alive........if you see green just under the bark they are alive. Be patient in the first year of growth. I have learned in the last couple years that blueberry plants often look a bit rough in the first year but then really take off in the second. Good luck.


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Thanks, Riverman and Fruitnut!! :-)

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