best persimmon cultivar for spreading shade tree

cousinfloydMay 16, 2013

I know native persimmons are generally more columnar than spreading in habit, at least in my region, but I'm wondering what cultivars would make relatively better shade trees. Which cultivars are relatively less inclined to just grow up and more inclined to spread out (without suffering too much breakage)?

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Most of 'em I see growing out in the open tend to have a more spreading 'orchard' tree habit of growth, while those growing in high-stem-density settings do tend to upright, almost a timber-type of growth habit - have some here that are now on the edge of the woods, after removal of 35-40 yr old planted pines that are tall, straight trees with no branches for the first 30 ft or so.

They do tend to 'self-prune'; as lower branches are shaded by the developing canopy, they die off and are shed.

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'nother consideration - many grafted selections tend not to have the strong apical dominance present in most seedlings - they've already grown through their 'juvenile' phase, and graftwood taken from mature, bearing trees is less likely to produce an upright 'timber'-type tree.
Think about citrus grafted with 'old budline' scionwood - they tend to be a spreading 'orchard' type tree, as opposed to the upright (and thorny!) growth habit of seedlings.
Good for fruit production, but less desirable for cultivars selected for timber/veneer production - which may require more corrective/training pruning to foster that desirable 'clear bole' furniture/gunstock makers/woodcarvers prefer.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Cliff England has Claypool H-120 persimmon with roundish canopy.


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