What kind of soil for potted Currant/Gosseberries/Jostaberry

HappyBallz(9A/B Valrico,Florida)May 25, 2013

I planted a gooseberry in a mix of about 30% perlite 30% topsoil, 20% black cow compost, and 20% potting soil.

Well.. I don't know what the issue was but the gooseberry grew OK for about 3 months and then developed problems. I had it sitting inside the air-conditioned house because it is too hot for them outside, even had to move it farther away from the window since sun actually dried couple of leaves couple weeks earlier.

Well it was doing alright after those couple of burnt leaves and then suddenly took for the worst and got "lump" leaves that drooped and now starting to dry up as well.

Soil seemed moist inside, as far as I could tell it was not water-logged either and was draining quiet quickly after watering.

Any suggestions on the mix? I got couple of currants, gooseberries and a Jostaberry coming in that I want to put in pots as well.

I looked online but there was not much info on potting currants or gooseberries.


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Check for aphids on the underside of the leaves by swishing some of the leaves and look for white specks (aphids) falling off the leaves. Aphids cause the leaves to mottle.

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HappyBallz(9A/B Valrico,Florida)

No usual aphids when I looked, the plant is inside the house... I did notice those little flies you get when a fruit or vegetable is starting to spoil though. They were flying around the pot.

So any potting soil recommendations for gooseberries/currants? Or no one is growing them in pots? lol

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The "flies" were more likely common fungus gnats, not the fruit flies associated with spoiling produce.

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Just about everything I grow in containers now,I use about 60% Pine or Fir bark mulch,20% Peat moss and 20% Perlite and adjust the mix for pH or other plant requirements with additives. Brady

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