Peach Tree Leaves and Fruit Turned Brown

billbrandi(9)May 19, 2011

About 3 weeks ago my peach tree, in the middle of a real good crop of fruit, began to have its leaves turn brown and the fruit dry up. Now all of the leaves on the tree are brown and withered and the fruit is totally dried out. I sprayed with a copper fungicide and an insecticide to no avail.

At this point all I want to do is save the tree for another year. It has received adequate water and there is no visible damage to the trunk or the ground around it.

Here is a picture taken about a week and half ago. The leaves are now all totally brown and dead. Anyone have any thoughts? How can I tell if there is damage to the trunk and main branches? They still look as they did before this started.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Most likely a root failure. From this distance, don't know why.

I doubt the tree will survive but if you want to give it a chance, I'd strip all the fruit NOW! Then cross your fingers & toes and hope for the best.

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Your picture looks familiar. Something similar to this happened to my peach tree last year right before it died. It was due to over watering. Apparently I had a raised pond next to the tree and it sprung a leak saturating the soil around the tree during its growing season. It didn't help that I also have clay soil which retains a lot of water and my peach tree was planted in the lowest part of the yard. All these factors worked against the tree's survival. The moisture level was too much for the tree to handle and the roots started to rot, eventually the leaves became yellow and shriveled. The fruits stopped growing in size and slowly became dry and shriveled as well. I stopped watering the plant once I figured out the tree was getting too much water but the damage was already done and there was no way to remove the hundred gallons of water absorbed by the clay soil which came from my leaking fish pond. The tree eventually died. Peach trees are extremely sensitive to over watering. Well drained soil is a must. If you have clay soil like I do, it's probably best to plant your future peach tree on a sloped part of the yard where the water drains away from the tree. Another option is to plant it in a raised bed to help with drainage. You could also mix sand in with your soil to make it less clay-like (which I find to be too much work). Also, keep an eye on the soil moisture especially during the growing season (spring through summer). If the soil is damp, the tree doesn't need to be watered. Good luck. I hope your tree recovers. Mine didn't.

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