Will native prunus pollinate my collection of cultivated prunus

mattpfMay 16, 2013

Theirs a lack of variety in these parts I've got tons of choke cherry plants in my area and pin cherry .
Will these native prunus pollinate with my apricot , jap and eroupean plums ?

How selective are prunus with pollinators ? I've been told By many garden centers they will but people who work in garden centers don't really know and theirs seems to be a bunch of poor info

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Just a guess, but I would say no. I've only heard mention of plums as pollinators for other plums. Even if the pollen would work, you would run into problems with different bloom times -- by the time the native chokecherries were in bloom, your apricot would be well past prime.

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No they are going off around the same time

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