Early harvest year

ltiltonMay 29, 2012

Today I picked most of my White Gold cherries. These weren't ripe until June 12 last year.

Picking strawberries [Earliglow and Allstar], I got less than a pint. It's clear their season is just about over. Last year, they weren't ripening until June 7.

Everything else seems to be equally ahead of normal, and I'm assuming an early harvest - of what fruit there is.

Are other growers in the upper Midwest seeing similar early ripening?

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My Earliglow just started, though it's first blossoms were hit by frost. I don't expect many berries from that variety. My Patriot blueberries are a ways from ripe yet, but I expect they will be ready in June. It is definitely a crazy year.

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My honeyberries started ripening about 2 weeks ago, and are done now. I only got about 1/3 of what normally would set, most of the blooms died, which surprised me, since I thought they were pretty tough. This is about 3 weeks ahead of the earliest I've seen them, and about 4 weeks ahead of "average". And, I could go out and pick about a quart of strawberries tonight, very early for this part of Michigan, when strawberry season traditionally runs from about June 15th through July 1st.

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I'm figuring if it weren't for the freeze, most of my strawberries would have been ripening over the 3 weeks 5/7 - 5/28. Of course the blossoms killed by the freeze were the first and best.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

My Stella and Lapins sweet cherries are done. They were very good and I had quite a few on the Lapins tree. Almost sick of them now, but I still have a pretty loaded Kristin sweet cherry that will ripen in the next few days.

Strawberries are probably past peak here. Lots of berries out there still, but the kids won't eat them anymore because we've been out there for the last 2 weeks.

Very early year on everything. I would imagine the apricots should be very early.

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