Transplanting a plum tree

Jerseymec(6b)May 12, 2013

Hi .. I just transplanted my plum tree ( about 8' tall). I tried to save as many of its roots as possible and it also helped that it was raining almost all day. Today I see that the leaves are drooping. I have watered it twice, I even sprayed the branches and leaves. Its still cold here I think its dropping to 40 tonight. Should prune off some branches? How many times do I water it? I hope i didnt kill it.

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fireduck(10a) seems like you understand the importance of not letting the roots/tree dry out. Now, make sure the roots are kept moist for a couple of weeks. I would prune back the branches...and seal off the cuts. You will be fine.

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You should have transplanted the tree, when it was dormant.
I would keep it well watered and hope that it survives the shock
that you're putting it through.

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