Apple tree illness

samuelpayne96May 10, 2014

Hi. Iv'e just recently noticed that all my apple trees seem to be infested or infected with some sort of illness/bug. The majority of the leaves have small holes in and are strangely shaped. I did see some small green fly looking things. I also noticed on last years apples that they had little brown blemishes on them.

Does anyone know what this is? I can give more info if needed. Thanks :)


Samuel :)

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Bit of a guess here, but that looks like aphid damage. Turn the leaves over and look at the underside -- if it's aphids you'll see lots of tiny green bugs on the bottom of the leaves.

Brown blemishes on fruit could be early signs of an apple scab infestation. If it is, it's going to get worse this year. It can be controlled by spraying, but you're supposed to start before the tree flowers because the spores infect the tree early on. (Don't spray when the tree is flowering of course, because you don't want to kill your pollinators). It could be other things too, so do some research and see it it's a match.

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