Acetamiprid for PC

ltiltonMay 2, 2014

On another thread, several knowledgable posters said they didn't consider acetamiprid effective for curculio control. I just got the current issue of the IL Extension newsletter, which lists Assail as one of the recommended insecticides to control PC. I believe the reference was primarily directed at apple growers.

I'm wondering if this might be because pyrethroids aren't permitted on apples after petal fall, so a less effective spray is recommended.

My first concern is for my stone fruits, and with as few trees as I have, I prefer not to be mixing up more sprayer-loads than necessary.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


Just a quick search... i've never used it, but seems like it should work. Neonics have curative action, so even after you see damage, you can hit the fruit and still save your crop...

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I was one who made some comments about the efficacy of Acetamiprid (or lack thereof). Let me give you some background.

Several years ago, Hman and myself had several long personal email discussions about the efficacy of acetamiprid. At the time he was considering using it for PC. Basically we were getting some conflicting information about its efficacy. But in the end we concluded the best and newest information seemed to indicate acetamiprid was not the most effective choice to use against PC. I wouldn't necessarily be afraid to use acetamiprid on PC (and I think I may have before) but I'm still not convinced it's the best choice.

I can't remember all the sources we looked at, but a quick Google resulted some new research linked below (This is in somewhat contradiction to the research Frank posted. Like I said there is a lot of contradictory research in this regard.) Basically the research below indicates acetamiprid is good for larva, but provides poor control for adults. I'm not thrilled with the idea of leaving adults alive to lay more eggs, so I suppose I'd still wouldn't be inclined to rate its overall efficacy against PC as high as some other products. Still it is encouraging that acetamiprid has good curative activity against PC larva.

Most pyrethroids can be applied after petal fall on apples. It's Permethrin (a specific pyrethroid) which can't be used after petal fall. All other pyrethroids I'm familiar with (Mustang, Proaxis, Danitol, Warrior, etc.) can be used after petal fall.

I receive the same electronic newsletter and noticed the PC recommendations when I read it. I think you are correct in that the specific recommendations in the newsletter today are geared toward apple growers. Most extension personnel do not recommend pyrethroids on apple because of potential mite flares. Even some of the labels of the insecticides themselves warn against it. The other thing is that pyrethoids are pretty toxic to bees (and beneficial insects in general) which can be a consideration if there are blooming weeds under or around the tree, which bees might be visiting and come in contact with the residue.

Pyrethroids are a good tool in my opinion because of their effectiveness and low mammalian toxicity, but one has to be careful and observant in their use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lethality of reduced risk pesticides against Plum Curculio

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Thanks, olpea, that's very useful.

I bag my apples, so I make one insectide application to them at most during the year. My main PC concern is for stone fruit. I used acetamiprid last year after a late hit, and it did seem to exhibit curative activity. At least, I ended up with plums. But perhaps permethrin would be a better initial product.

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