Plum questions

athenainwiMay 28, 2013

I've finally got enough plums to set this year to ask some questions about them. I'm spraying Surround this year to try to keep the PC off them. I missed a couple though and they've got bite marks already. Do I need to take those off or will they drop by themselves? Also do plums or apricots need to be thinned? I didn't get a huge amount of fruit set compared to the number of blossoms, likely due to the cold weather when they were blooming.

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Take them off. The PCs will mature in any dropped fruit on the ground.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

You can remove them now or wait until they are larger to remove takes awhile for the PC to mature from egg until it chews its way out of the fruit...but if you forget and it gets to that or more (there can be several mature in one fruit) will be back next year to haunt your orchard.

I have to thin my cots...My Hunza and Puget Gold both have huge fruit sets... while my Tomcot's look like garbage..have no idea what is up with them... almost no fruit on them this year...and hardly any leaves.

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Thanks everyone. I've taken off most of the ones with bites. I have a tendency to see the bite mark after I've already sprayed them and since I don't want to touch the drippy fruit then I have to wait until next time. This is my first year doing Surround and it seems to be working if I get the fruit at just the right time but since all my trees seem to be a few days apart, I've missed the window on some of them.

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franktank232(z5 WI)


What variety of plums do you grow? I've been good with a thick covering of Permethrin...i sprayed Saturday.. I'm going between 7 and 10 days between sprays. Everything looks very clean so far.

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I've got Black Ice, Superior, Kuban Comet, and Bubblegum although Bubblegum hasn't done much yet. This is the first year that I'm getting a real crop on them as most are only three years old. The Surround is helping but with the rain I haven't been able to spray as much as I should have.

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