Planted Jujube, Shoots Below Graft

akocheraMay 29, 2014

I bought a jujube tree in a pot as winter was winding down. The tree was fully pruned with no branches, and dormant. I planted in the yard, but here it is almost June and it has not woken up. I do see some green shoots emerging from below the graft line, but nothing happening above. Is there some trick to get this thing going?

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


Do a scratch test on the wood above the scion. If it is green then rub off all the shoots below the union and wait for your tree to leaf out. Sometimes it may takes a while.


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I had a jujube that I planted one dormant season and when the growing season came it just didn't want to push from the graft. The graft was still alive (i.e. it passed the scratch test), but the tree only wanted to push growth from below the graft. I kept rubbing it off, and it might have finally pushed some very weak growth from the graft, but if it did it withered and died. The tree had been grafted the year before at the nursery and grown fine, but the second year was different. Has anyone else seen anything like this with a jujube or any other grafted tree?

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