dead or just impatient?

eciton(zone 7)May 15, 2012

So I bought some fruit trees from Meadow Farms in Va, potted but dormant. 2 apples, fuji and gala, 2 nectarine, and 2 asian pear.

i pruned per instructions except for the nectarine as I read I was supposed to wait until the buds swell to prune...

anyhow, that was 6 weeks ago. now the apple trees each have 2 small leaves and nothing else does. the wood still feels green but I would have thought that they would have at least begun to leaf out?

so, are they on their way out or am i just impatient? :)


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My guess is that you just have the two apples. Six weeks should be enough to get things started, although several years ago I got a nectarine (bare root) and it started growing leaves in the middle of the summer. It died anyway. I guess just too late a start to make it thru the winter. Good luck.

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eciton(zone 7)

turns out i was so impatient that i got my dates wrong, they have actually only been in the ground 4 weeks.

that being said, my grapes that were planted 2 weeks after are almost a foot tall now.

is it too late to uproot these and start over... i'm in zone 6


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Nectarines and peaches in my experience do better when planted early. The earlier the better in my experience.

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eciton(zone 7)

so looks like the pears have leafed out nicely by now and the nectarines are just breaking buds. we shall see how they do but both were fairly aggressively pruned and the buds are leafing well. perhaps they will do ok?

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