Red Dots on Apricots and Leaves

mrsg47(7)May 28, 2012

My quarter-sized apricots are now covered in tiny, miniscule, red dots and so are the leaves of the tree. It looks as if one of my sprays might have had a negative effect. The leaves are drying out and falling off of the tree. There is excellent new growth on the ends of the branches and beautiful leaves. What next? The apricots are still small and very green with a reddish blush, but the dark little dots are taking over. I'll keep an eye on them.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Mrs G, that sounds like bacterial spot, it is extremely common in the northeast. I have a fair amount of dots on my peaches and apricots now. My leaves look good but a rainy spell a 2-3 weeks ago got the fruits. It is hard to control during the growing season. I use copper dormant sprays (late fall as leaves fall, and early spring just before blooms pop) to keep it from getting too much out of hand. I think some people have some growing season sprays for it but I can't think of them now; I only use copper on it. Google up a few descriptions of it to get a better idea. Note that it has many different looks depending on the weather so look at several pictures to make a definite diagnosis. For this year try to keep the tree from getting too shaded by pruning out any too-dense spots, the disease develops more in the shade. Then apply copper this fall and next spring.


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Thanks Scott! I knew it wasn't shot hole as there are no holes in the leaves. The dots are very fine, like a spray. Thanks again! Mrs. G

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After posting yesterday, went to visit the apricot tree only to find 12 apricots on the ground. Net time. One had distinct 'squirrel' teeth markings. Ugh. I think the squirrel just knocked the rest off of the tree. And I was so looking forward to an Apricot Tart! Mrs. G

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franktank232(z5 WI)

SQUIRRELS AND BIRDS...probably the worst "pests" i deal with.

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Frank you are soooooooooo right!

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

My sympathies, MrsG47. I have 2 fruit trees in RI and since they're in the middle of former pastureland, no other trees around, and have a low circle fence of wire grid around their bases, they get no squirrels. Birds are not a probem - yet.

But my other 2 trees are apricots and they are in a raised-bed driveway border in town, in MA, with lots of shrubs & perennials around them, and trees behind them to the north. I saw a squirrel quietly climb one, pick an apricot (very green) and bring it down to enjoy munching it leisurely, on the edge of the bed. Then he went back for another.

My DH and I tried bird netting but boy! It would make a funny video for youtube, our attempts to stretch out the netting and get it over the whole tree without snagging on anything - twigs, watches, shirt buttons. One tree is partly covered. I hope we'll be left a few apricots to eat, but I doubt it.

So we're considering replanting both apricot trees to our RI (weekend) garden. That project will be major, even though they're both "dwarf" of sorts.

Any advice on transplanting?


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I'd wait until spring to transplant. But I am sure others in this forum are far better informed than I. If its not a squirrel, its a bird, or a fungus, or an insect. You've got to love this! Mrs. G

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Transplanting can be done any time the tree is dormant, so Nov to March is OK. Earlier is considered better, it gives the tree more time to adapt to its new spot.


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