How to select a disease free grape vine?

silent88May 19, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am planning on buying another red flame seedless grape vine (or maybe even a variety I have never had before if there's anything interesting) and I'm pretty excited. lol. ;D

But I have a red flame grape vine already that, to my surprised (I usually have bad luck) is doing absolutely great. So, I don't want to introduce any diseases.

I was thinking of getting it from lowes because they have them for maybe $6... but I also have the option of getting it from a more "upscale" nursery which may be like $15.

Is there a risk of taking home a disease,or am I worrying too much?



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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


You aren't likely to bring home any foliar disease that won't show up anyhow. It's possible but unlikely you could bring home something like root knot nematode. Something in the soil would be more likely than something on the leaves. I'd buy the cheaper plant if it looks healthy but I'm "frugal".

If you can find a Summer Royal get one. It's the best grape I've eaten and ripens a month after Flame. If you want a grape that lasts into fall get a Crimson seedless.

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Thanks very mug fruitnut you made me feel a bit less worried. I decided to go with red flame because I didn't even see the variety you suggested. There was only red flame and ruby, and I read ruby was very auspectible to powdery mildew or something, and I thought my current grapevine is doin well so I'll get another. I can eat a lot of grapes!!! (or I guess I'm going to be of they ripen all at once...)

How does one know if nematodes are present? Just inspect some of the soil? My old house at nematodes in some of the regular plants now that I know what they look like. Nasty lookin things.

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