Give this peach a chance?

kittymoonbeamMay 19, 2013

My neighbor has an early peach that always tasted great. It fruits reliably and has just finished. I grafted some of his onto an inexpensive Gold Mine tree that I got at Home Depot and grew it to a nice size and shape. The last two years it has had a good sized crop of peaches but the weather has not been right to make them worth eating. Last year I just knocked them all off because it was so cold and rainy that everything was bitter. This year was a little better with warmer days. I thinned it well and got big beautiful fruits with a good texture and very juicy. I would say one in 5 was ok and one in 10 was excellent. That was half of them that tasted too bitter to eat. It seemed like the birds had tested them too and were eating the sweet ones and leaving the bitter ones. My neighbor's peaches tasted bad this year too. It seemed to me that 3 years ago, I has a small crop of excellent tasting peaches before the tree really started going.

Since it's a younger ( less than 6 years old) tree, would you give it a chance and hope the weather reverts to warmer spring days and how many years would you wait before planting something else? I've got good results with plums and apples and I could just plant another of those or even a citrus. I do like peaches and don't mind all the work but they have to not be bitter.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Since you know how to graft just cut it to a trunk and bark or cleft graft in some different varieties next spring. You have a good root system and it sounds like your variety is not appropriate for your climate. When I do grafts on a mature trunk I usually get some fruit the following year, peaches grow back fast.


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