Thank you.

beeman_gardener(5)May 24, 2014

I would like to register a very large THANK YOU to all on this forum.
Last year I asked for advice regarding wintering over tender fruit (Peaches and apricots) trees in an unheated garage. It worked, I brought them out just a few days ago, already flowering, and I'm hopeful of a crop again this year.
Once again thank you, this has to be the most helpful site I know of for Orchard advice.

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I'd like to "piggy-back" on this thread to also put out an additional thank you to all the contributors on this forum. The "regulars" offer an amazing wealth of knowledge, and the daily questions posed by all the members provides a great starting point for most of us who are wanting to ask those very same questions....this place is GREAT!!!!

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Make that two piggy-backers. I'm constantly in debt to this forum and will never be able to pay it all back.

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