moving 5 week old grapevines?

eciton(zone 7)May 20, 2012

so i planted 10 vines in an area inside my "orchard fence". i planned on trellising each of them individually based on a design i saw that had 2 T posts driven into the ground with another T post bolted across the top - then 3 or 4 wires were run between the 2 vert posts.

this way I could orient them all North/South and I had thought that was best.

now... i'm rethinking and perhaps I would be better off trellising them off my actual wire fence that is supported by 4x4 and 6x6's.

they have broken buds and are now have about 12'' of new growth. I can stick with my orig plan if I'm going to kill them by moving but if i can move them it will save me both $$ and space inside the fenced area


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backyardener(z6 Idaho)

What was the condition of the vines when you planted them? Bare root? Potted? Cuttings? If they were bare root or potted, I think they will probably survive the move if you are able to be careful with the roots. If they were just cuttings, then the roots are very fragile and moving them will cause them more harm.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I wouldn't move them unless they were potted, and even then I'd think twice. I have killed too many things trying this. Blueberries are the only thing I have found easy to move when leafed out.

What I would do is plan the new layout and move them this fall as they go dormant.


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eciton(zone 7)

9 out of 10 are flourishing right now...having made about 2' of new growth. i have since decided to not relocate the vines but to create 2 trellises that run approx NS and EW to hang all the vines. I figure im not a commercial outfit so a little difference in orientation isnt going to hurt anything.

question though, I replanted one vine a week after planting and amended my clay soil with compost and good garden dirt for that one is the one that seems to be dying... ideas?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

There isn't much you can do, its probably a goner. If it has leaves it sometimes can help to remove all the new growth and just keep the more mature leaves, it will not be sinking energy into growth. I had a graft partly fail this spring and I pruned off all the new shoots and it finally is recovering.


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